To realize improved water safety and security across the entire Mara River Basin, the MaMaSe Initiative is focused on five solutions. These solutions are designed to enable the people of the MRB to achieve self-reliance and adapt to changing socioeconomic and environmental conditions in the future. They focus on improved water management in the main economic activities of the basin: agriculture, cattle ranching, and wildlife-based tourism.


  1. A water management strategy supported by local authorities and stakeholders           
  2. Conservation of existing forests and restoration of depleted forests
  3. Sustainable management of range lands outside the Masai Mara Reserve
  4. Creation of sustainable modes of finance
  5. Support for activities that improve water quality

These solutions are implemented through the MaMaSe public-private partnership initiative, operating at a basin scale and involving major public and private sector actors from the Mau headwaters to the Kenya-Tanzania border. This initiative enables the basin-scale interconnection of knowledge, policies, institutions, markets, and good practices that is required for structural poverty reduction, sustainable economic growth, and ecosystem conservation. It also provides a platform for the engagement of new partners (Kenyan and international) and a systematic expansion of activities that further benefit the basin and its people.