Result Areas

Activities of the MaMaSe Initiative are organized under five interconnected result areas that deliver tangible outputs. They are developed to achieve the desired outcomes of improved water safety and security in the Mara River Basin, contributing to structural poverty reduction, sustainable economic growth, conservation of the basin’s ecosystems, and self-reliance of its people and institutions.


Result Area 1 focuses on strengthening the institutional and operational capacity of water authorities across the basin and supporting the revision of the Catchment Management Strategy and Sub Catchment Management Plans. This result area helps to establish the enabling conditions for those to follow.

Result Areas 2 and 3 focus on interventions in the upper and middle basin, respectively, to conserve forests and rangelands, identify and pilot innovative economic development activities, and facilitate the adoption of improved practices. Public Private Partnerships involving private sector partners like the newly established Mara Farming Ltd. and HSBC Bank are central to the activities of these result areas.

Result Area 4 focuses specifically on the establishment of sustainable financing mechanisms to enhance the sustainability of activities developed and implemented within the initiative. It also offers the prospect of engaging a number of additional private sector partners.

Result Area 5 focuses on the creation of a Regional Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Water Resources Management. The Centre will capture and refine the wealth of new tools, techniques, and lessons learned that will emerge from this initiative (and other efforts funded by the Netherlands Embassy’s water programme). It is meant to serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and innovation and disseminate knowledge and tools for application more broadly in Kenya and the region.