CIWAB Establishment

The Centre for Integrated Water and Basin Management (CIWAB) is a Knowledge Exchange Centre established with the support of the Dutch Embassy and is hosted by Egerton University. It executes its functions through a physical platform located at Njoro Campus and a virtual platform accessed through the MaMaSe website ( The core function of CIWAB is to disseminate knowledge in form of data, tools and information to improve water safety and security in order to increase investments, diversify livelihoods and protect the water basins from adverse effects.

CIWAB is established on a background of success stories from basins in Eastern and Southern Africa and in particular the lessons from Mau Mara Serengeti (MaMaSe) Project implemented in the Mara River Basin as case study. The MaMaSe project funded by the Netherlands Embassy over the period 2014-2017 and involves a consortium of stakeholders from Public, Private, Civil Society Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Academic Community and Development partners. As the project consolidates in year 2017, CIWAB builds on the best practices based on the Five Result Areas and continues with knowledge exchange using the six pillars formulated as stated in the framework below:

MaMaSe Result Areas and CIWAB Pillars

                                MaMaSe project Result Areas and six pillars of CIWAB

CIWAB establishment Partners: Egerton University, Unesco-IHE, ITC/University of Twente, Deltares

Contributors in CIWAB establishment: SNV, WWF, Wagenigen uR, Water Resources Management Authority, Mara Farming and other partners.